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Have you applied for a mail-in ballot yet?


I hope you are staying safe and enjoying the holiday weekend.

This year, for the first time, all Pennsylvanians are eligible to vote by mail in the primary, which is on June 2nd. This coming Tuesday, May 26th, is the last day to apply for a mail-in ballot.

Due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, polling places are being consolidated for the primary (more information about that is available at this link). Casting your ballot by mail is the safest and easiest way to vote this year. City officials are strongly urging Philadelphians to apply for a mail-in ballot as soon as possible.

You can apply online for the mail-in ballot by clicking this link. In order to apply online, you will need either a Pennsylvania driver’s license or State ID. If you do not have either of these forms of identification, or if you prefer not to apply online, you will have to print out a paper ballot and submit it at one of the sites listed above. You can print out a paper ballot here. If you do not have access to a printer, please reply to this email and we will do our best to get one to you.

Best regards,
Councilmember Jamie R. Gauthier

Vote By Mail In Ballot